I’ve tried life two ways: The Animal Kingdom Way and the Australian Way… and I prefer democracy much better to the way of the Death Adder. {Insert Link} With that in mind, every Tuesday you will be allowed to vote for one of seven products.

Just click the neon Voting Sign above my bar to cast your vote:


Whichever product has the most votes by the end of the day on Thursday will be for sale, starting Friday morning, for a flat seven dollars.

The deal will only last over the weekend and the offer will expire every Sunday at midnight.

What happens if the product you vote for doesn’t win?

In most cases I will give it another chance. It will be in the voting block for the coming weeks (so don’t worry). If the product continues to lose, I will replace it with another and perhaps bring it back at a later date.

Be sure to register here and I’ll promptly inform you when voting begins, ends, and which product wins.