What is the Buckaroo Watchboard?

The Buckaroo Watchboard is a cool desktop program (PC and Mac compatible) that delivers all your BuckGuru.com purchased products directly to your desktop.

Here are a few reasons you’ll want to get your very own copy of the Buckaroo Watchboard:

* It’s FREE!

* It allows you to view all your BuckGuru.com products in one place.

* It keeps everything nice and organized for you so when you need to go back and find a product you purchased days or weeks (or months or years) ago you won’t have to search all over your hard drive.

* When you purchase a BuckGuru.com product it will Automagically appear in your Watchboard.

* You can download your Watchboard to as many computers as you like so you’ll have access to all your BuckGuru.com products from anywhere.

* Don’t have any products yet, don’t worry… I’ve included my awesome Tech Buddy videos for free. They’ll show you how to do all kinds of cool technical stuff.

To download your Buckaroo Watchboard just click here:


Here is a quick, four step tutorial for you:


Where are my purchased products stored?
In a super secret warehouse, somewhere in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What if I want to store them on MY computer?
No problem! Just click the wee download link in resources section of the Watchboard.

Hey! I have a Mac! Can I use the Buckaroo Watchboard?
HECK YEAH! We’re on the Adobe Air bandwagon so the Watchboard plays nice with all operating systems.

Um.. I’m having major problems with Adobe Air.
Here’s an Adobe Air help page! Or if you need a little one-on-one, contact our support. {Link to Support}

Click “Install Now” below to download the Buckaroo Watchboard and your free copy of Tech Buddy


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***Chrome Users — If you are receiving an error when trying to install this is a problem with the latest Chrome update. Please do the following:

Download the Buckaroo .AIR Install File Here

If you have Adobe Air installed on your computer it will then install the program.

If it does not install then go to this site to install Adobe Air.