What is the Buckaroo Watchboard?

The Buckaroo Watchboard is an Adobe Air program created by my buddies at The Net Results.

How is it relevant to my interest?

The short answer is time = money, and our goal is to save you a ton of time by putting everything in one place.

The longer answer? We made the Buckaroo Watchboard for YOU. Seriously. We’ve been doing this for a few years now and, we know, we’ve got a ton of products in our arsenal, so we’re trying to streamline the whole process. You read sales page, you purchase product, you open Watchboard, you view product instantly and begin learning. BAM. We’ve cut out a ton of steps in between, like having to go to the download page after purchase, downloading the product (which for some large products can take quite a while), find said product, unzip product than open product, one file at a time. Phew. I got tired just reading that. Instead, all of that is packed into two steps: Open Watchboard. View Content.

How do I view my purchased content?

Look, I made these handy dandy images, just for you!

Where are my purchase products stored?

In a super secret warehouse, somewhere in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What if I want to store them on MY computer?

No problem! Just click the wee download link in the Watchboard.

Hey! I have a Mac! Can I use the Buckaroo Watchboard?

HECK YEAH! We’re on the Adobe Air bandwagon so the Watchboard plays nice with all operating systems. In fact, my girl Elisa built the Watchboard on a MacBook Pro.

Um.. I’m having major problems with Adobe Air.

Here’s an Adobe Air help page! Or if you need a little one-on-one, contact our support.

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