Welcome to Our New Home!

G’day troop!

Mi casa es su casa!

Welcome to OUR new digs…


And when I say “OUR new digs” I mean you, and me, and Chris, and Jake, Ainoon, Carol,
Constantino, and the other 10,500 members (and growing!) in our troop.

I think my house-warming party calls for a song, don’t you?

Yeah…that’s my jam!

Yes, after two months of renovations and redecorating and consulting with
the experts it’s finally ready… Announcing:


With BuckGuru.com I will help you start and succeed with your online

The first thing you should do is click the TV and watch the guided tour
video that boss-man James recorded….

(Start channel surfing using the up and down buttons on the
remote control and you’ll discover a Copy Writing Class
from my mate Justin Quick that you can watch now.  More channels
AND classes coming soon!)

P.S. Be sure to leave me a comment on my Facebook Fanpage
and let me and my minions (The Net Results crew) know what you think of our new digs. I have been
bursting at the seams to show you my new pad. It’s been incredibly difficult to keep
this a secret!



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