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This is the guide I wish someone had given me 3 years ago when I started online. The methods here are evergreen, will work in ANY niche and is such a simple model to follow, it almost sounds too easy.

When I started in Internet Marketing, one of the very first things I did was write the word SIMPLE on a piece of paper and tape it to my desk. That was my plan. To keep things simple. Did I? Not at all. $1000′s of dollars later and 100′s of hours spent chasing the ‘shiny new things’ has cost me precious time getting to where I finally am at now.

The ideas contained herein were spawned from a student of mine. She had been at IM for about a year and a half and her husband started questioning whether she was wasting her time or not. She made a few sales here and there, but nothing consistent.

What was missing?


Fast forward to today and she is making more than I am now.


By having a SIMPLE blueprint to follow that even my Dad who still can’t send texts on his phone could follow.

If you cannot follow my instructions and make money off of these simple steps, then you need to re-think your plan.

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