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Albert Einstein once said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of a consciousness that created it.”

So there’s no question about it. To solve our problems, we need to think better. Today, I want to share a way to force your brain to give you its best ideas and…

• Destroy the writer’s block, procrastination, and intimidation that keep you from high achievement…

• Assemble presentations, book outlines, and even products… and actually have fun doing it

• Take control of your time and life with what Chuck Frey calls “the foundation of your personal productivity system…

Chuck is talking about…

How To Use Mind Maps Profit

So how do we step into another mindset, as Einstein implies we should?

Believe it or not, you can do all this with mind-mapping. All the evidence says mind-mapping triggers a more natural way of thinking and problem solving.

In fact, mind maps can rapidly solve problems because the process of mind mapping more closely resembles the way we really think.

A pen-and-paper outline requires “linear” thinking… but your brain is not a linear thinker…

Imagine yourself… a “radiant thinker”

When you mind-map, you stimulate something called radiant thinking (better for you than linear). It’s easier to place ideas in mind maps… so no idea you get ever comes at the wrong time.

Chuck Frey, a mind-map user for many years, says, “I find that mind mapping is one of the most stimulating ways to solve problems. It often helps you to produce solutions you might not otherwise have thought of.”

How is this possible? Because mind maps offer a textual and visual way to brainstorm and record thoughts. So mind maps (used properly) will break thru a creative block better than a linear list.

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