Youtube Money Strategies

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Did you know Youtube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine?

Today, it would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce a television commercial…

And if you did spend that money, you’d have to pay every time the commercial airs.

However, on Youtube, you can get in front of an enormous audience at zero cost, for free, with the potential of going viral at any second.

But did you know you can make money with Youtube (or get traffic anywhere you want) and…

You Don’t Have to Make Videos?

You could use “video targetting” techniques to get traffic (or money) from OTHER PEOPLE’S most popular videos.

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No matter your experience level, whether you even have a website, you can take advantage of Youtube.

We will show you how, step by step, with:

Youtube Optimization Secrets

V1: Introduction

Here’s what this course will cover: Getting all the possible benefits out of Youtube. Optimize your videos to increase views and divert (to your website) at least a small portion of the 3 billion hits Youtube receives every day.

V2: Benefits

Understanding all the benefits you stand to reap from Youtube: First, it’s free and easy. Second, there’s a possibility your videos can go viral. Third, you can get a huge audience in front of your messages. And… There’s potential Youtube will help you promote your videos. Fourth, you can get involved with their adshare program (and create a new stream of income).

V3: Mindset

What’s it take to make it big on Youtube? You need to specialize (it serves as instant proof and credibility). Be an expert. Tell them what’s unique about you and your product. Make videos worth sharing by offering value.

V4: The Viral Aspect

How to control your popularity. Many get popular by chance… but we can’t leave our fortune to pure luck. This video will teach you how to turn the odds in your favor.

V5: Creating a Youtube account

The in’s and out’s of starting a Youtube account for the first time.

V6: Youtube Account Overview

A tour of the Youtube account. Get familiar with the tools so you can start with confidence.

V7: Youtube Channel Set Up

A Youtube account doesn’t come with a channel. You have to set up the channel separately. And you’ll want to make sure searchers can find your videos.

V8: Youtube Channel Customization

If you’re going to be a professional and an expert, you have to look the part. If you visit your brain surgeon for the first time, and he’s wearing a dirty t-shirt with ripped jeans, would you trust him? This video will show you how to give your channel a polished, professional look.

V9: Youtube Video Upload and Video SEO (Part 1)

Video SEO is a whole new ballgame. You’ll get introducted to the Youtube keyword tool. And learn to find the keywords to use in your title, description, and tags — these techniques can get you ranked on page one of Youtube results for your chosen keyword(s).

V10: Youtube Video Upload and Video SEO (Part 2)

A continuation of Video 9… you’ll see how to “feature” certain videos. This can be useful for your Youtube subscribers or just making sure people see your newest messages. Privacy, License, and Comment Section issues are covered.

V11: Youtube Video Annotations

How to make viewers “interact” with your videos. How to use videos to get backlinks and traffic to any website you want. And, if you have a video series or just want to keep viewers longer, you’ll see how to chain videos together.

V12: Youtube Insight & Analytics

Which of your videos are people watching? What country do those people come from? How many comments are you getting… and on which videos are you getting them? What are your top ten videos? What percentage of your views are male? Female? Are others sharing your videos? Which keywords are bringing you the most traffic? This video will show you how to answer all those questions and more.

V13: Youtube Video Commenting

Is it smart to comment on other people’s videos? And what about the other videos in your niche? This video details how to get traffic (to your videos or website) from OTHER PEOPLE’S most popular videos.

V14: Youtube Video Targetting

What is video targetting? This is another technique that allows you to target videos other people have made. You can funnel traffic anywhere you want using banners that appear on channels you don’t own.

V15: Youtube Video Monetization

All the different ways of making money with Youtube, from traffic wrangling to the adshare program.

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