BuckGuru.com Zombie Coins

Okay, so you know what our normal coins are, right? You first get a handful from registering, as well as logging in, voting, playing games, and referring your good friends. Then, you can use your virtual cash to buy actual products (instead of shelling out REAL cash) AND you can purchase various products and Bucky paraphernalia in our gift shop.

So I just read an entire paragraph and I’m still wondering what a Zombie Coin is.

Glad you asked. A zombie coin is sold in our gift shop for a small coin-fee. Once you purchase, you have the ability to bring back *any* old special and temporarily revert it to $7. Kinda like you’re bringing that special back from the dead, wouldn’t you say?

The only catch — once you use a zombie coin, you can’t use your Bucky coins to purchase that particular product. (Sorry, we had to draw the line somewhere. Otherwise it’s basically stealing.)

How many Zombie Coins can I purchase?

As many as your little heart desires, so I’d suggest you start pulling the Slot Machine and referring your pals. (And yeah, we can tell if you’re referring yourself, so we’d prefer you’d not do that.)

How do I use a Zombie Coin?

Sunshine and happiness and unicorns explode out of the coin immediately after you purchase it! Also

After you purchase a Zombie Coin (which is likely how you got here), you’ll now be able to see the ‘Back to $7′ button on all our previous products.

You can complete the transaction like you normally would. After that, the zombie coin is gone, forever! But you get a shiny new product in it’s place. Fair deal, eh?

Do I get to keep the Zombie Coin after I use it?

Nope, we take it back from ya. But don’t worry, you can always buy another in our gift shop.